Ontario Provincial Police Constable Robert A. Sinclair Badge No. 9011


Constable Robert A. Sinclair has been with the OPP

East Region Highway Enforcement Team based out of the

1000 Islands Detachment since December 1999.

PC Sinclair 9011 is famous in eastern Ontario for driving an unmarked blue Ford Crown Vic

located at the  Leeds Country Detachment) 

4109 29 City Road, Elizabethtown Kitley Township

Telephone (613) 345-1790



enjoys using the pretense of Ride checks to go on illegal searches

of cars and people while supposedly carrying out a Ride Program.


Prior to his posting at 1000 Islands he spent four years at the

Red Lake Ontario OPP Detachment from December 27, 1995 until

December 27, 1999 when he transferred to 1000 Islands Highway patrol.


If you have any information regarding Constable Robert A. Sinclair badge # 9011

please email  or call 613 797-3237



        Notes:     At an OPP dinner on September 22, 2008 Robert A. Sinclair 9011 was on of 76,

                        yes, one of 76 recipients of an         "Accolade     Award"

                        for "outstanding and meaningful contributions to the organization"

                        Nominations are first submitted by "colleagues, and then "narrowed down"

                        by  a "distinguished panel of community members and senior OPP staff.