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The corruption of family court is similar to a distant iceberg with dangers under the surface that can not just destroy you but kill you. 

Every week the courts are full of fathers who are victims of fabricated domestic violence charges, and or false child abuse allegations that never end.

When it comes to male versus female litigation, don't expect any impartial logical judicial decision. Ottawa judges are no different to most of the judges across Ontario. Any experienced criminal or family lawyer will tell you in carefully worded explanations that there is an element of bias. 

Judges go to special training courses that reinforces myths that creates bias that can permanently terminate relationships between children and their fathers. Father's in litigation need to educate themselves on how to minimize anything that justifies general assumptions that all men are violent and women are innocent victims. 

Judges engage in what is called "the process of justification" which results in judges ignoring relevant evidence and writing  works of fiction that support  pre-formed politically correct conclusions that have little to do with the facts and the law.

Almost any unsubstantiated opinion uttered by a female is generally accepted as some kind of judicial declaration of fact. 

If a woman says she does not want to allow access unfortunately the odds are that access supervised or otherwise will not occur.

Lawyers know their careers can be destroyed if they make any sound of protest which means the vast majority of the worst decisions are permanently buried and, frequently the stress and anxiety of never ending litigation causes terminal illnesses.

Family Court injustice is a socially taboo subject. Don't expect the press or police to take any notice. Frequently those who protest suffer at the hands of Judges who routinely exact revenge by committing criminal offences of Intimidation and Obstruction of Justice and there is almost next to nothing you can do about it. Judges in Canada effectively have immunity from any form of liability or accountability. .

The only accountability that occurs is when you hold Judges and Lawyers accountable for their actions. 

Family court is all about abuse by those in power and authority. 

The Ottawa Men's Centre believes that mutual support and education will help stem the destruction to children, families and fathers. We believe in the need to bring about change and accountability to our troubled Justice system. 

The good news is that with education and advocacy, fathers can minimize and avoid perfectly normal behaviour and actions that can cause severe prejudice to most fathers who act and think by themselves.

Getting legal aid in Ottawa can be a nightmare. Finding a friendly lawyer or a lawyer  who will accept legal aid can be  a difficult task.  The vast majority of effective lawyers refuse to accept legal aid  for very good reasons. No matter where you are located we can help you find a lawyer we are prepared to recommend. 

When you choose a lawyer use only referrals you can trust. Remember that most referrals have a financial benefit and a financial cost that can result in your destruction and loss of a relationship with your children. 

If you have a bad instinct about the lawyer odds are it is time to leave. 

Lawyers are generally charismatic highly intelligent people highly skilled in selling you on their services. If they choose to act in a way that is less than what is generally expected, irreparable harm can occur before you know it has happened. 

Most organizations that provide lawyer referrals claiming to be father friendly have parallel financial arrangements.  You can easily pay hundreds of dollars to be referred to lawyers who should be avoided.

We have no financial arrangement with any lawyer. Our referrals are based solely on demonstrated performance over years. 

No matter where you are located, we can use our known referral contacts to find the most suitable available lawyer almost anywhere. 

$5,000 and $10,000 retainers are typical in family law and a retainer can be rapidly exhausted at rates of $140 to $450 per hour.  Many fathers only discover they chose the wrong lawyer after the decision was made. Odds are they had that uncomfortable nagging sick feeling about the lawyer since they met and did not have the courage to terminate the retainer and get another lawyer for a variety of reasons that in hindsight sound pretty silly. If you are going to change lawyers, you need to think very carefully and choose carefully. 

Custody battles can easily cost over $100,000 and with our corrupt Ontario Family Court Judges the odds are stacked heavily against fathers. If you sit in on family court you might be waiting years to see a single case where a father gets custody.

The costs of litigation pale into insignificance when you consider the cost in irreparable harm that occurs to children who grow up never knowing a normal parental relationship with their father. We are now seeing children who a second generation products of parental alienation programmed for marriage failure because they have not learned the benefits of a rewarding functional permanent relationship.

Frequently, family court and the justice system destroys fathers  in every possible way that they could not imagine the moment before the first fabricated criminal charge was laid.

Many fathers are blackmailed by Crown Attorneys into accepting guilty pleas simply so they can have immediate access to their kids and or keep their job. These same fathers also enter into a very dangerous recognizance that frequently allows a vindictive woman to phone one false allegation and have him arrested and remanded in jail for months.


Approximately 50% of all present married fathers will have a nasty surprise in the next 5 years. Most divorces are initiated by women who have endless forms of tactical planning support in how to cause the maximum pain and suffering to ensure "custody".  

Most separated or divorced fathers generally have at least some difficulty in continuing their relationship with their children. 

Many of those relationships will be destroyed and the level of their destruction will depend on what steps they took prior to divorce or prior to separation on how  to educate themselves to avoid as much as possible the risk of becoming a victim. 

Most fathers discover months or years later that the separation was carefully planned for many months and in some cases years prior to separation. Feminist organization continuously generally act as one stop divorce shops and provide a complete marriage destruction planning service.

At the moment of separation, generally all hell breaks loose. The average father learns about a separation intention when he is arrested on a bogus domestic violence charge even when his wife violently assaulted him. 

If you sit in Domestic Violence Court frequently a tearful wife will admit that she is the one with an anger management problem and assaulted him. The court just assumes she is now lying and he not her gets ordered into an anger management course.

Outside Domestic Violence court, you will frequently meet couples where he has knife scars and she admits a variety of anger or mood problems and no one believes her or him. 

A woman can assault a man and if he offers the least resistance odds are he will be arrested. 

Warning signs: Escalating attacks on his personality, character. Sexual abuse, demands for sex according to her timetable. "Empty vessel syndrome"  that is, she increasingly wants more and is never satisfied. "Empty vessel syndrome" generally means she has been preprogramed with feminist propaganda to take advantage of the mid life retirement plan called divorce.  


It is vitally important that fathers educate themselves about the dangers of divorce at the earliest opportunity before separation.

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