Ottawa Men's Centre


After 8 years of litigating against violent mentally women, you get to observe all

sorts of facial expressions that to an experienced observer can send a chilling message.

Unfortunately, very few judges bother to read the pleadings let alone look at very obvious

facial expressions that can remind a viewer of other mentally ill violent women who can

fake normality when required.


There is an old saying, you can fool some of the judges some of the time but not 

all the judges all of the time.

In Ontario, odds are a mentally ill violent woman with a psychopathic personality disorder

 will fool most of the judges most of the time for the reason that there is NO psychological

screening of judges. The judiciary unfortunately attracts those with personality problems and 

the desire to flagrantly abuse their judicial powers. Even very senior administrative judges 

find it next to impossible to remove unsuitable judges who spend the rest of their careers leaving

a trail of incalculable destruction.


If you are recognize that you about to be litigating against a women you feel "might" be

mentally ill, you will probably find a lot of help at the Ottawa Men's Centre on 613 797 3237 

where we know only too well the damage that can be caused by litigants and judges with mental illness and or personality disorders.

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