Justice Adriana Doyle

Ottawa Superior Court Family Division


The Honourable


Official Government Propaganda

The Honourable Adriana Doyle, a lawyer with Adriana Doyle Professional Corporation in Ottawa, is appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Family Court, to replace Madam Justice M.T. Linhares de Sousa (Ottawa), who elected to become a supernumerary judge as of November 10, 2014.

Madam Justice Doyle received a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and History) from Brock University in 1979 and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa in 1982. She was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1984.

Madam Justice Doyle was the senior associate of Adriana Doyle Professional Corporation since 2012; a sole practitioner from 2001 to 2012; and with Beach & Doyle from April 1984 to 2001. She practised law on a contract basis with the firm of Binks Chilcott and Simpson in the "trial blitz" of the Supreme Court of Ontario. Her main areas of practice were family law, mediation, arbitration and child representation. She was a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court from 2000 to 2011 and was appointed to the Ottawa Police Services Board in February 2011.



Adriana Doyle is a well known feminist lawyer who never really was known for representing any male.


She is known for a bias against fathers and she is guaranteed to spend the rest of her career as a judge destroying the lives of children and ensuring they only get the most limited contact with their fathers, subject to the mother's approval which Adrianna Doyle will put into practice.

Adrianna Doyle spent her career as a family lawyer recreating history and changing the facts, an ability that most probably got her appointed to Ontario's Fascist Court in Ontario's most Fascist Judicial Chambers where she will be right at home with a collection of the nastiest narcissistic psychopaths who hate fathers at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa, recreating history to match the facts that their doctrine of female superiority requires.


Adrianna Doyle was despised and hated by a quite a number of fathers before she became a judge. Anyone who thinks she might suddenly change when she becomes a judge because she takes "an oath" is delusional.


Adrianna Doyle  is guaranteed to spend her career recreating history to suit what ever fantasy she thinks will look good in a decision to prevent an appeal which is the "name of the game" when you are member of "the rat pack" in the Superior Court Judges Chambers of 161 Elgin Street Ottawa.


 Adrianna Doyle was on the Ottawa Police Services Board where she was able to talk the talk and walk the walk as an extreme feminist who supports local authorities and who will turn a blind eye to any criminal behaviour by local officials including police who know which side of the bread is buttered.


Adrianna Doyle is not even capable of fooling most people most of the time with her pathological hatred of fathers, and while she believes she can, she cannot fool everyone all the time.

Adrianna Doyle like most of the members of the "Ottawa Rat Pack", the Superior Court Judges of Ottawa, she believes she is invincible and above the law.


If you are appearing in front of this judge, you should by now have a very good idea of what you are facing with Adrianna Doyle.




Ottawa Mens Centre



Aguirre v Aguirre, 2016 ONSC 4650 (CanLII) Another unrepresented father against a represented mother and that's another story that many readers will know about.