The DIS_Honourable, the Corrupt  Mr. Justice Alan D. Sheffield


Mr. Justice Alan D. Sheffield of Ottawa was, unfortunately,  appointed a Judge of the Family Court Branch of the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa.

Mr. Justice Sheffield received his LL.B. from the University of Ottawa, and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1972. Prior to his appointment to the provincial family court in 1981, Mr. Justice Sheffield was a partner in the firm of Galligan & Sheffield. He is a former President of the Ontario Family Law Judges' Association. He has participated in numerous family law conferences and developed the legal component of the Values, Influences and Peers Program for pre-adolescent children in Lanark County.

Since 1991, Mr. Justice Sheffield has served as the family law administrative judge in Ottawa.


Any reader of this web site interested in Ottawa Judges should take special note of this judge.

        Justice Sheffield is CORRUPT, thats right, C O R R U P T.

        He has probably the most vile reputation of any judge in Ottawa, he will hold hearings that no other judge will, he will make orders for "summary judgement", "vexatious litigant" , he is what you call a "hit man" of the judiciary, he "gets rid of cases" by any means.


Justice Sheffield is probably the vilest example of humanity in Ontario, Justice Allan Sheffield makes orders that are virtual 'deportation orders' and indefinite orders for incarceration, simply because a father asked for access.


If you doubt these words, just ask ANY LAWYER IN OTTAWA.


Currently, as of April 12, 2009, Peter Roscoe is incarcerated, thanks to orders from Power and Sheffield. Sheffield is also known to quote the orders of Power and in particular, quote Power's words regarding Peter Roscoe.

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Peter Roscoe was thrown in jail by Sheffield and Sheffield and his fellow corrupt Rat Pack members carefully made orders to prevent him from litigating any matter in court ever again.

They took his house away from him by approving theft by a lawyer in a mortgage scam. Other Ottawa Judges joined in this virtual lynch mob to ensure that his child never saw him again.

What is particularly offensive about the injustice towards Peter Roscoe is that the Judiciary formed opinions and conclusions that he was mentally ill based on his eccentric personality which did not affect his extraordinary abilities as a parent and person.

Sheffield acted like the director of a concentration camp giving instructions to other people to murder their victims.

Sheffield is a fascist father hating judges who believes in not only Gender Superiority but that of the judiciary, that the Judiciary are above the law.

Alan D. Sheffield is without doubt, one of the most hated despised Fascist Child Abusing Judges in Ontario.

Just ask Peter Roscoe or any of the thousands of fathers and mothers this creep has destroyed.



 is a truly deserving character who deserves any financial help anyone can provide.

It is entirely unlikely that he will be released for many months. He is in extremely poor health and recently had an accident shortly before being arrested. 

You can send your checks to his jail canteen fund to