Ottawa Superior Court Family Division


Justice Timothy Minnema



The Honourable Justice Timothy Minnema is a former lawyer for the Children's Aid Society and his decisions are typical of judges who are "rubber stamps" for the CAS.

Anything you read in a decision by Justice Timothy Minnema is at high risk of being a  a regurgitation of what ever is requested by the Children's Aid Society or by the mother.

The evidence he recounts is often a fabrication of his imagination and little connection with the facts. He makes conscious decisions to not just embellish a story but changes the story to be the complete opposite of the facts because the true facts do not conform with this psychopath's determination to make Fascist decisions that promote violence by women against children and fathers.

This judge is devoid of empathy compassion or respect for the fundamental principles of justice.

The most notable quality about Justice Timothy Minnema is that he has the empathy of a dead fish and if you are a father in family court your odds are highly likely that you will have little value more than fertilizer after you have an encounter with another judge who is one of the worst in Ottawa.

This is a judge who normally fails to report his decisions to hide his domestic terrorism.

Like many lawyers for the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario, Justice Timothy Minnema personally fabricates evidence in his decisions.

His background is even more disturbing. Not only did he work for what local lawyers call "the gestapo", the Children's Aid Society, he was a member of the Dutch Reform Church, which was notorious for its support of Nazis during the second world war.

These days, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Ontario's Fascist Program of Female Gender Superiority and the destruction of children and fathers.

It is a tragic fact that in Ontario, the Children's Aid Societies get to virtually appoint their own lawyers as judges which makes a mockery of justice in Ontario and a reason why Ontario Parents are terrorized by "the Gestapo".

One of most disturbing features of this insult to justice is that he promotes violence by women towards children and fathers. He will blatantly ignore examples of extreme violence by women to remove children from the male victims.


Justice Timothy Minnema is a classic reason why fathers in Ottawa are terrified of calling police because odds are they will end up in front of this fascist criminal and never see their children again.


Videos that Justice Timothy Minnema would turn into female victims and remove the children from the father.


Justice Minnema does not believe women can be violent.

Skip to 5:47 to see a classic example of a violent woman.





Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa v K.A. and E.T., 2015 ONSC 3378 (CanLII)