Canadian government funds anti-Catholic website

Toronto, May. 26


- The Catholic Civil Rights League on Wednesday called on Aileen Carroll, Canada's Minister of International Cooperation, to review the funding relationship between CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and, a web site whose current edition features a strongly anti-Catholic cartoon caricature of Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news). In the animated cartoon, the pope repeatedly marches to a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then gives a Nazi salute with the caption "Heil Mary.", published by well-known Canadian feminist Judy Rebick, is a project of Alternatives, a Montreal-based NGO funded by CIDA. One World Canada, also a project of Alternatives, is a partner of Rabble. However circuitous the route, at least some taxpayer money appears to be funding this publication.

In its letter to Carroll, CCRL stated, "The league does not believe that any public money should be directed to a publication that freely insults Catholics, or indeed any other identifiable group. No matter how small the amount involved may be, it is unacceptable. We urge you to review this funding relationship."

Comment: for anyone unfamiliar with Judy Rebick, since she reputedly accompanied her then draft dodger boyfriend up from the U.S. in the early 70's - rather ironically - as a de facto 'camp follower', Rebick has seldom encountered a radical cause - typically with an available public trough - not to her liking.
Her abbreviated leftist 'rap sheet' includes a stint as President of infamous anti-family and gender-bigoted NAC and an appointment by then AG Marian Boyd to serve as one of only a mere two representatives of the general public on Ontario's Judicial Commission.
In short, find an anti-majority radical cause and a taxpayer-funded salary together and you're almost certain to find this public parasite there as well!