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Carol A. Cochrane 

 Low Murchison 

220 Laurier Av W, Ottawa, Ontario 

(613) 236-9442

A famous quote of hers appeared in the press in April 1999.

"It's probably fair to say there's a gender bias in, custody matters," 

 "I think there's a feeling among many judges that the tender-years doctrine is still applicable to preschool kids. The sentiment is they are better off with Mom. I think this dismisses the very big change that men have made. It's now standard fare to have a two-income, two-­career household and a nurturing dad. I think that's been lost on the judges."

1999 And justice for none -Family court in Ottawa is getting a face-lift­ but the deep scars in the system may be too hard to erase


June 10, 2004