TEL: (613) 727-7377

FAX: (613) 727-3003

UPS Box # 218  1562 Merivale Road Ottawa K2G 5Y7

 Leighan Burns is a director of Harmony House, a women's shelter, aka "one stop divorce shop".

Leighan Burns deals exclusively with women, and the extreme feminist lobby group whose habitat

includes "women's shelters".


Most of her pleadings apppear to be typical claims of abuse made by abusive violent women

with mental health problems.


Leighan Burns does not have a regular law office. Her "suite address" is actually a UPS Box that makes

her next to impossible to serve.


She engages in "scorched earth" litigation and lives in a world where fathers are treated as child abusers and incompetent

parents simply because of their gender.




please email  or call 613 797-3237