Ottawa Police Constable MATTHEW SWEET aka MATT SWEET Badge No. 2177

Telephone (613) 236-1222 Tel Ext. 8975

Constable Matt Sweet became a cop on April 12, 2012 as  result of his father

a former Police Superintendent and is determined to get promoted and in the Ottawa Police Service

that means you have to be a rat or a snitch on other officers.

It also means keeping an outward squeekly clean image and reputation.

"Matt" Sweet in order to get promotions, take part in the time honoured corrupt system

of adding to the Ottawa Police Unofficial, never disclosed Secret Intelligence files

which do not require cooroboration or evidence but can cause such prejudice as to

label an innocent victim a criminal deserving of charges.


 The Ottawa Men's Centre would like anyone with information regarding "Matt Sweet".


If you have any information regarding Matthew Sweet please call (613) 797-3237 or email with Re Mat Sweet in the Subject Line.