Heatherington known to Lethbridge police
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GREAT FALLS, MONT. - There's no evidence of either foul play or suicide in the case of a Lethbridge alderman who went missing in Great Falls, Mont., on Saturday, U.S. police said Tuesday.

Lieut. Ron Steffans said foul play and suicide haven't been ruled out, but his officers are focusing on whether Dar Heatherington had an accident or has deliberately disappeared.


Dar Heatherington (AP PHOTO)
A new wrinkle is the revelation that the Lethbridge Police Department has a history with the Heatheringtons, although Steffans wouldn't be more specific.

He would only say that there are things that happen in a person's life when they don't want to be found.

"They (Lethbridge police) are aware of this individual. They have had contact with this individual, and they have had contact with the Heatherington family," Steffans said.

The Lethbridge police are sharing information with his department, he said.

A law enforcement helicopter has been flying over the Missouri River.

One of the last people to see Heatherington was a pawn shop owner. He sold the 39-year-old married mother of three a used mountain bike. She said she wanted to ride some of the trails along the river.

No signs of struggle at her vehicle

After checking out of her hotel Saturday morning, Heatherington phoned home to say she wouldn't be back in time for a piano recital by one of her daughters.

Her purse and keys were found outside her rental car, parked in a downtown Great Falls lot. There was no blood or any other obvious signs of a struggle at the scene.



Written by CBC News Online staff

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