Heatherington faces pressure to resign
Last Updated Fri, 09 May 2003 21:04:35

LETHBRIDGE, ALTA - Dar Heatherington's husband of 17 years said Friday he believes his wife's abduction story even if U.S. police doubt her confession.

Heatherington, a Lethbridge, Alberta councillor went missing in Great Falls, Montana last Saturday while on a business trip with other colleagues.

She was found days later wandering and disoriented at a Las Vegas hotel, claiming she had been kidnapped, drugged and assaulted.

Heatherington later told police in Great Falls that she had lied in her earlier confession and had actually caught a ride with an Alberta man down to Las Vegas.

U.S. police doubt that story, but David Heatherington believes she was raped.

"I do believe her," he said Friday. "I've seen the bruises. They are all over her body."

"She's been through hell in the past 36 hours."

When asked if she was drugged, David said: "She was given some oral medication."

Meanwhile, pressure is growing for Heatherington to resign her position as a councillor in this southern Alberta city.

Lethbridge Deputy Mayor Tom Wickersham said Friday he's fielding calls from citizens who want her to quit.

"Most of the calls I'm getting is the feeling of being betrayed as a community, that a person under these circumstances should step down," he said.

Dar Heatherington has refused to comment.



Written by CBC News Online staff