Attacks On Father's Groups By Feminist Orgs To Be Funded By Canadian Feds

May 29, 2003

by Mark Hansel and Terry Pearson

It seems the Canadian Government is funding Radical Feminist groups, to attack all "Pro Fathers Web Sites" for Hate Crimes, as well as Men who speak out about abused men and abused children around the world. These include web sites in the United States, Canada, and over seas. The dubious claim is that these websites promote hate crimes, with the help of Foreign Governments.

The report called "School Success by Gender, A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse," by Pierrette Bouchard, Isabelle Boily, and Marie-Claude Proulx, says that the research investigates the advocacy discourse focusing on boys and men during the decade between 1990 and 2000, as reported in the Canadian and international press.

They claim that their objective is to explain the dynamics of this discourse, using the school drop-out theme, which is their field of research, in order to identify other themes that authors link together: suicide, child custody, violence perpetrated by women, etc.

The research is based on articles published in Canadian, French, American and Australian daily newspapers and mass circulation Canadian magazines. The analysis reveals an ideology that questions women’s rights and discredits feminism.

The report goes on further to say that as a result of the new issues raised by masculinists, a number of general recommendations for protecting the gains that women have made. They stress the urgency for women to “take ownership” of the Internet.

There is also a need to ensure closer monitoring of hate-mongering sites to determine whether legal action should be taken. It is important as well to disseminate egalitarian messages and to support studies that provide a context for problems, such as alleged violence by women.

The Status of Women Canada, and Gender Feminist Groups, are feeling the heat it appears. They are seeking to suppress the voices of dissent from the gender feminist political agenda. Deborah Sinclair at the Hadley inquest made a comment about seeking funding to find out why the media was covering men's appears that this is it. Nothing is new here as the feminists consider that the male member of the family is the "insignificant sperm donor."

They also suggest that whenever possible, the release of gendered data be accompanied by contextual analyses." and they list the groups. Their hit list include Canadian groups such as:

  • BC Fathers Ken Wiebe, creator of the BC Fathers Web site.
  • Michael Jebbett, Director, Victoria Men's Centre. Joseph Maillo John Hedlin, retired social worker.
  • Association, Parent's Coalition of B. C. Todd Eckert, President.
  • Kamloops Parents of Broken Families, Mickey MacMillan, Founder of the Men's Alternative Safe House in a private house on Seymour Street.
  • MERGE (Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality): Ferrell Christensen, professor of philosophy, University of Alberta.
  • Alberta Men's Resource Centre Chris Cavenaugh.
  • Family of Men Support Society Earl Silverman.
  • Men's Educational Support Association (MESA) Gus Sleiman Manitoba.
  • Men's Equalization Inc.Ontario.
  • National Alliance for the Advancement of Non-Custodial Parents (N.A.A.N.C.P.) /Alliance Nationale des organisations pour l'entraide Des parents Non-Gardiens(A-ONG)Jason Bouchard.
  • Canadian Committee for Fairness in Family Law James Hodgins
  • Canadian Men's Parenting Association
  • Children for Justice Frank Verkey Dale Cherr
  • Coalition of Canadian Men's Organizations J. Kirby Inwood
  • Divorce and Defence Strategies Canada (DADS Canada) Stacy Robb, President
  • Equal Parenting of Durham (EPD) Peter Meier Ron Dovey.
  • Ex-Fathers Lloyd Gorling.
  • Fathercraft Communication Glenn Cheriton
  • Fathers Are Capable Too (F.A.C.T.)
  • Fathers After Rights Equalization (F.A.R.E.) Brett Peters.
  • Fatherz for Justice - Ontario.Rick Morrison, Paul Nelson Robert McKinnon, Joe Lopez, and Steve Jackson.
  • Fathers' Group - Owen Sound Graham Jordan
  • Fathers Helping Fathers Tim Ready, Founding President.
  • Fathers' Rights Brantford.
  • Fathers' Support Group - Nepean Cathy Gardner.
  • Fathers With Rights, Armand Massicotte.
  • In Search of Justice, Ross Virgin, President.
  • Kids Need Both Parents, Chuck Farrauto.
  • Mending Fences Support Services for Men Inc. Scott Elliott.
  • Men's Divorce Centre Terry Bissessar,
  • Men's Health Network, Glenn Cheriton, Ottawa Coordinator.
  • Ontario Centre for Men Alan Roth.
  • Single Fathers of Niagara Alan Roth.
  • Single Fathers Network of Ottawa Robert Gagnon.
  • Windsor Men's Forum Bob Cartlidge.
  • Toronto Men's Clearinghouse Greg Barowski
  • Entraide Pères-Enfants Séparés (ENPES). Jacques Dupuis Claude Bouchard.
  • Groupe d'entraide aux pères et de soutien à l'enfant (GEPSE) Yves Coutu, President Jean Lanthier.
  • Groupe d'action Des Pères pour le Maintien Des Liens Familiaux (GAPLMF) Norman Levasseur, PresidentRéal Proulx, Vice-President Sylvain Gélinas, Secretary.
  • L'Après-rupture Gilbert Claes, CEO Jean-Claude Boucher, President Serge Ferrand.
  • Association Masculine d'Entraide pour la Famille (AMEF) Jacques Pettigrew, President
  • L'A.M.I. (Association masculine irénique) Roger Fatta, Founding President.
  • Organisation pour le Respect Des Liens Familiaux Jean-Dominique Riché, Founding President.
  • Organisation pour la Sauvegarde Des Droits Des Enfants Ricardo Di Done, President Germain Dulac, professor of sociology, McGill University Jeffrey Asher, professor of social studies Glenne F. Cartwright, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University.
  • Men's Legal Defence Fund Mark Wickam.
  • Réseau Men Québec Guy Corneau, Network founder.

This is just the Canadian list. It also appears that they are going on an international attack as well.

In a report from "Real Woman" one of the first perceptible cracks in the feminist myths that have held a stranglehold over family law in Canada has finally appeared.

A Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons held hearings across the country last year on this important issue of custody and access of children following a divorce. The Committee ignored the feminist myths that men are dangerous and abusive and that mothers should properly have sole custody of the children.

When the issue as first raised in the House Of Commons, the question bought forth was, "well what's the advantage of a divorce if the parents have to share custody?" The feminist attitude toward children is not one of a humanistic value, but that children are objects that can be murdered at pre birth, or more a less parasites that get in the way of a divorce or can be used by woman, many who are vindictive leeches, to gain large sums of money, "for the sake of the child."

In its report, released on December 9, 1998, the feminists were shocked by recommendations that there should be shared parenting following the divorce so that a child will have involvement from both parents. At present, the mother customarily is given custody with the father, usually having access to his child or visitation rights -- such rights being carried out depending upon the mother's inclination.

The report also recommended a mandatory 90 day notice if one parent wishes to move away from the former spouse and that support payments would be adjusted to facilitate continued visits.

Another recommendation was that there be compulsory mediation for parents at the time of the divorce in order to develop a suitable child sharing plan. This latter recommendation has worked very well in some jurisdictions in the US and in the province of Alberta.

It appears that organizations such as SOW are loosing the argument on parental control as the socialist era in Canada is drawing to a close. Thus they use the last bastion of "hate mongering," in order to oppress freedom of speech.

The socialized liberals, so monopolize the market place of opinion because of their domination of the media, the arts, and schools, that they have come to believe that their pet theories regarding social engineering have no legitimate intellectual competition, so they just declare other viewpoints off limits.

You see we must be careful not to offend them, with the principles of truth, lest it affects their self esteem. The socialists would have you believe that self esteem is more important, than actually doing something to earn it.

It would be interesting if there was ever any convictions handed down. as a result.

Mark Hansel and Terry Pearson

Mark Hansel is the webmaster of Fathers Canada.