Heatherington pleads not guilty to mischief
Last Updated Mon, 08 Sep 2003 14:52:25

LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. - Dar Heatherington, the Alberta alderwoman who disappeared while on a business trip to Montana in May, pleaded not guilty on Monday to public mischief. Her trial is scheduled for January.

Heatherington did not appear in court on Monday. She was represented by her lawyer, Tracy Hembroff, who told the court Heatherington has chosen to be tried by judge alone.

Heatherington told police she was being stalked by someone. Police say they investigated over several months and concluded there was no stalking.

In May, Heatherington disappeared for three days and then turned up in Las Vegas. She told police she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

Later in the summer, at a news conference in Lethbridge, Heatherington said U.S. police had bullied her into confessing that she made up the story about the kidnapping and the sexual assault.



Written by CBC News Online staff