Doctor convicted of sexual assault faces deportation
Last Updated Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:54:07

REGINA - A medical doctor convicted in 1999 of drugging and sexually assaulting two of his patients is due to be released in Regina Tuesday.


John Schneeberger planted plastic vein in arm with another's blood (file photo)

The case of John Schneeberger, who was able to avoid arrest by planting a plastic vein in his arm with someone else's blood, attracted international attention.

Schneeberger is being released as the made-for-TV movie I Accuse based on the case comes out next week.

When investigators accused Schneeberger of sexual assault in 1992 and took blood samples from the doctor, the DNA didn't match that from the crime scene.

Instead of removing blood from Schneeberger's vein, it was drawn from the plastic tube he had planted in his arm.

Allegations from another victim eventually led to Schneeberger's conviction.

Schneeberger is being released after serving two-thirds of a six-year sentence. He said he hopes to work in Regina.

The federal government wants Schneeberger deported for lying on his citizenship application. He was born in Zambia and came to Canada in 1987.

Alberta Canadian Alliance MP Bob Mills, who has been acting as a watchdog on the case, says he hopes the federal immigration minister can move ahead with a deportation order before a new cabinet is sworn in under Paul Martin.



Written by CBC News Online staff