'Law Fails love splits dads'

A TOP judge blasted the family justice system yesterday for failing a "wholly deserving father".

Mr Justice James Munby called for changes after the dad left court in tears at having to abandon a FIVE-YEAR battle for contact with his daughter.

The High Court judge attacked "scandalous" delays which he said were the scourge of the system.

He condemned the fact that the father had had 43 hearings before 16 judges, resulting in 950 pages of evidence.

The dad was sincere and genuine whereas the mother had made unfounded allegations and failed to comply with court orders.

The 55-year-old judge who could not identify any of the parties involved, said that when the system goes wrong it is fathers who are the victims more often than mothers.

He added: "Those who are critical of our family justice system may well see this case as exemplifying everything that is wrong with the system. I understand such a view.

"The system has failed him. I feel desperately sorry for him."

The indictment follows a number of high profile cases involving dads seeking access, including one dubbed Spiderman who climbed a crane near London's Tower Bridge.

The Sun's Justice For Dads campaign told in December how more than a million British kids would not see their fathers at Christmas because of the poor state of family law.