Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse and American Misandry


May 6, 2004

Dear Editor:

The military personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison have certainly contributed to inspiring the Iraqi insurgents to resist, to fight on, to not surrender. Pictures of all those despicable acts being committed against all those Arab men at Abu Ghraib are getting very wide circulation at Al Jazzera and other Arab media outlets, and America is forming lasting impressions in the minds of many in the Arab world, not to mention the rest of the world.

The Arab world despises the "sexual immorality" between males and females, males and males, females and females that so many Hollywood movies depict as the norm. The vile events that occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison can only serve to reinforce those Hollywood stereotypes as "evil" in the minds of Arabs, and make many of them believe they were right all along in the many perceptions they have formed about America being a decadent society.

I notice that it was a woman General who was in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison. She, and the Abu Ghraib military personnel (including at least two prominently pictured females) who are depicted in those now widely circulated infamous pictures, should be getting much harsher sentences than they are getting, but then they were only committing these acts against men and worse than this (rape, etc.) goes on against men everyday in our own American prisons, so really, it's no big deal to anyone in power except as it concerns the politics surrounding this war.

Men are disposable in this nation's "war on Fathers and men," and this event at Abu Ghraib is just another front in America's long battle to denigrate and destroy all things male. America's policies regarding the rights of men are a more dangerous form of terrorism, that every male in America and the world faces today, everyday, and it all starts in women's studies programs on American college campuses. From there, women’s commissions and their activist arms advocate into law the misandry that is promulgated in our society, and courts, much of it through the assistance of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.

I am ashamed of the behavior of those Americans at the prison in Abu Ghraib, but not half as ashamed as I am of the behavior of the American misandrists (many who hold elected office) who vilify, persecute, imprison, rob, and torture millions of decent, innocent men who live right here in our own country, simply because they are the target of an out of control gender feminist agenda. Misandry (man-hating) truly is the #1 hate crime in America today. Clearly, we are spreading that hatred to the rest of the world. America’s politically correct tolerance of the abuse of men is glaring in these photos from Abu Ghraib, and exemplifies the abuse of males that is institutionalized into American society in all its various permutations.

Ray Blumhorst
Sherman Oaks, CA