Eric Bouchard faces criminal charge of parental abduction

Fathers Battling Injustice

Posted By: Darla <>
Date: Friday, 4 June 2004, at 3:20 p.m.

Yesterday I had the task of serving documents to Eric's mother-in-law, and step-father(in-law). They need to pass them on to Erics wife.They are the ones that have 'custody' of Erics daughter, and Wayne Allen's daughter. (without their knowing or consent)

We went to the police station and asked the OPP that was there, if he could possibly assist as this was a 'high conflict' situation. We didn't want allegations flying, and would prefer to have a police accompany us to their home.

Without a moments hesitation, he said he would help us, and got our information, etc.

He escorted us over to the house, and as Eric remained in the car, the officer walked with me to the door.

While the officer discussed calmly the 'law' with the woman, (when she started ranting), He stated she could do what she wanted with the documents, because when the documents were handed to her, and the fact that there was communication between us, they were classified as 'served'.

I looked down, my heart froze, and I had to fight back my tears.

.... there standing at the door, was a beautiful little girl (3 years old) whose face I could never forget. I glanced back at the car to see if Eric could see. The officer was in his way. It was Erics daughter he hadn't seen since November 2002. Just behind the grandmother, a face appeared quickly, and disappeared. Another face i could never forget. It was Waynes daughter. He hasn't seen her since 1998?. Eric hasn't seen her since 2001?

The tragedy! I wanted to reach through the screen. I wanted to scream that it was her daddy in the car on the road. That he loved her and misses her tremendously.

Here I was trying to tell the grandmother to keep her voice down, and not to say things in front of the children, and still keep eye contact with the 3 year old, looking at me smiling and waving her finger at me like E.T.

The documents got served, with threats of suing me for my posting things on the internet, and we started back to the cars.

I crumbled as I turned my back.

I told the officer that the little girl was Erics daughter and he hasnt seen her since November 2002.

He glanced back, but the grandmother was on our heels, ranting, and yelling something about the 'frenchman' being in the car.

The officer motioned for us to go after he made sure he had all the information. I felt bad. He was left with her ranting at the car at him.

I dont know how you guys do it. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

At the risk of sounding over dramatic,.........

I read most of what comes across here, and I know a lot of the stories. When i saw Erics little girl standing at the door a mere 60 feet from her father that she has no clue even exists, I felt for each and every one of you.

This fight must go on. I swear to all of you, I am in this for the long haul. These children (everyones) are missing out on the love from a parent that has no access to them. Be it mother or father.

The mother in this situation gave these children to her mother and step father and walked away. CAS has protection concerns with her, and she gets access to the children this weekend. They want NO ACCESS to the fathers Eric and Wayne.

Eric goes to trial on June 8, and 9, in st. Catharines. Ontario. It was put off until now from October last year.

This is the criminal charge that arose out of his trying to protect his daughter from this violent mother. Who the CAS support to this day, even with a further protection application pending

Please please, try to make it to the courthouse 9:00am on June 8. Numerous people showed up years ago in support of Wayne Allen against this woman. Please help Eric now, who is up against the same woman.

for those that may not have rides, i could pick a couple of people up. I am in Hamilton.

Eric was thrownin jail November 2002, and the supposed charge was 'child abduction' or parental abduction'.

October 28, 2002 Justice marshall signed over interim custody to the mother, even as Eric was trying to explain of the abuse, and that there were major concerns with the mother. CAS KNEW, and KNOW NOW about the aggressive violent, 'high risk' that this mother is, was, and remains to be. Yet they denied it to Justice Marshall.

because of the inaction of the CAS, the courts, and the government officials in getting involved and having this woman held accountable for her abuse of the children, he was forced to put his daughter into hiding , in order to force the CAS into bring yet another protection application, so his evidence could be brought forward before the courts once again.

Justice Edwards wanted this case because of the size of the allegations being made, but mysteriously enough, the court date, court house, and time were changed and Justiuce Edwards 'could not ber reached'. Justice Thibideau took the case, and once again CAS stated they had no concerns, and Justice thinbideau threw out the protection matter. Now that very CAS has started their own protection application for the children against the mother, and want no access to the fathers.

It is the abduction charge that Eric is facing, It was to go to trial in October of last year, but the Crown offered that if Eric plead guilty he would get probation (what a hoot). It was this day when the police offi cer that was showing up as a witness for the crown, stood up and shook Erics hand in court. 

The Crown got scared and knows she hasnt got a chance in hell to convict Eric, especially now that there is a protection application opened once again. 

So the Crown chickeend out and wnet ofr a delay because she said there was a mistake made with the date of the court order that they had based their case on, so it was put off for a week, and the crown didnt show up. 

The judge that day set a date for June 8th and 9 th for trial once again. Delay after delay. This is the date that either all hell can break loose, or it can br thrown out