Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Gay cop rips city councillor
Trial told councillor spread 'misinformation' about raid
By SAM PAZZANO-- Sun Media

TORONTO -- A gay police officer testified yesterday she was branded as a "traitor" for her undercover role in the Pussy Palace lesbian bathhouse raid 1 1/2 years ago.

Const. Chris Lafrance, formerly of the Toronto Police, told Madam Justice Jean MacFarland that she was "offended and embarrassed" by "misinformation" spread by Councillor Kyle Rae, who described the officers' liquor inspection as a "panty raid."

She and officers Myron Demkiw, Adrian Greenaway, Peter Christie, Janet Hall, Rich Petrie and Dave Wilson are suing Rae, alleging his comments damaged their careers.

In court, Lafrance strongly disagreed with Rae's characterization of the officers as "rogue cops" and "cowboys" ogling the women. She said the patrons "were enjoying the attention of the police being there."

Lafrance, 36, said Rae's misinformation drove her from her Toronto policing job to one in Northern Ontario and forced out of her favourite sport, hockey, in which she had played on a "predominantly lesbian team."

The raid's ensuing stresses also contributed to ending a 12-year relationship, the court heard.

Lafrance testified she and another woman officer, Janet Hall, posed as patrons and witnessed several indecent acts while on a swing inside the club during the liquor inspections at an event from Sept. 14-15, 2000.

Those acts included public masturbation, pornographic photo sessions and a woman being "fisted."


But Rae's lawyer, John Holding, argued that the liquor licence charges laid against the event organizers were dropped after a judge found the inspection by male officers violated their privacy rights.

He said that vindicates Rae.