Dads in loyalty campaign for Family Law changes

Perth,  Western Australia June 05, 2004

Masked men campaign for divorced fathers' rights in Claremont.

Divorced men campaigning for changes in the Family Law Court targeted traffic in Claremont on Thursday.

Dressed in white overalls and masks, they hung banners from the Methodist Ladies' College footbridge across Stirling Highway.

Organiser Brett Kessner said the men had no connection with any of the schools in the area.

They used footbridges to publicise a recruitment drive for Fathers for Justice.

"The white suits have become a uniform to symbolise that we want to decontaminate the Family Court," he said.

Fathers for Justice is a worldwide organisation that started in the UK and was launched in Australia in April.

"The whole aim of the organisation is to raise public awareness over the failure of family courts to enforce the rights of children to continue a relationship with both parents," Mr Kessner said.

The masks were to hide the identity of fathers whose cases might still be before the courts, he said.

"It protects the children as well when parents cannot be recognised in the media," he said.

Mr Kessner said there had also been protests on bridges over the Mitchell and Kwinana freeways in the run-up to a rally planned for Perth on Friday June 18.

He said the group would enlist members from next week via an internet site or by ringing 0414 345 000, and hoped about 150 men would turn up for the rally.

Mr Kessner said police had not objected to their protesting on bridges.

"It has been discussed with police and as long as we don't tie banners to bridges it is not an issue," he said.

"The divorce rate is very high among the police force and we have never had a problem with them."