Press Release: Fathers Leader warns of 'militants' after TV Disruption

Press Release
14th June 2004

'Fathers Leader warns of 'militants' after TV Disruption'

The leader of campaign group Fathers 4 Justice last night said they had
warned Scotland Yard last week about a possibility of more 'militant'
fathers emerging and the possibility of problems being caused by a radical
splinter group.

The warning came before the deliberate sabotage of the Wrekin TV Transmitter
in Shropshire on Saturday night which was knocked out for over 4 hours
disrupting TV pictures of over 140,000 homes.

Said Matt O'Connor 'We warned Scotland Yard last week that we ourselves had
been threatened and had information suggesting that a more militant element
may emerge. It is hard though to say whether the action on Saturday was the
work of one lone angry father as happened the previous week when a dad took
to a bridge in the North East, or whether it is the work of an extremist

'Either way we have our concerns and passed what information we had onto the
Police. I can confirm that the action in Saturday was in no way sanctioned
either by me, my National Operations Co-ordinator Jason Hatch or any of our
National Co-ordinators. Despite the fact we are running a campaign of civil
disobedience and disruption this was not part of that campaign.'

The group are launching their Blueprint for Family Law this week and are
holding as Fathers Day demonstration this Friday in London.