Australia's worst female serial killer

The story of New South Wales woman Kathleen Folbigg exposes the feminist propaganda that it is only men who are violent and evil.

But for this misconception, one or more of Craig and Kathleen Folbigg's children could still be alive. Thirty six year old, Kathleen Folbigg (pictured) cold-bloodedly killed her four children over a ten year period for no better reason, according to her diary, than they annoyed her when they cried and cut into her time to go to the gym and to go dancing. 

When this evil woman smothered 19-day-old Caleb his death was put down to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Two years later she smothered 8-month old Patrick and then Sarah.

The Coroner noticed bruises on Sarah's neck but because of his blinkered view did not associates the bruises with any action of the mother.

Then in 1999 she killed her daughter, 19-month-old Laura.

A detective began investigating. He was later to admit that his investigation was hampered by his mind-set that women do not kill their children.

This a totally erroneous concept. The National Homicide Monitoring Program conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology reveals that where children are killed by their biological parents, the mothers commit 55 per cent of the murders.

Folbigg was found guilty of the murders and sentenced by NSW Supreme Court judge Graham Barr on 24 October 2003 to 40 years' jail


Feminists manipulate government to demonise men in domestic violence advertising campaign.

Anna Marshall - 23 June 2004

The Australian federal government's launch last week of a $20 million advertising campaign highlighting domestic violence is the latest in a string of feminist offensives to demonise men. 

With the campaign slogan "Violence against women: Australia says no", the commercials exclusively  feature men as perpetrators of domestic violence, a fact not supported by available statistics. 

The commercials also encourage women to withdraw consent during the sex act to make men guilty of sexual assault. The insidious feminist influence on sexual assault legislation caused the monstrous travesty of justice known as  the case of the 30-second rapist.

The feminist zealots have conned the government in running the campaign based on the stereotype of men as wife-bashers and women as victims. This is a blatant lie. Studies in Britain, the US and Australia reveal that men are subjected to domestic violence in equal if not greater numbers than women.

One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject of domestic violence was carried out by Heady, Scott and De Vaus in Australia (see side panel). Their startling conclusion was that in the 12-month period, 5.1 per cent of men were victims of domestic violence compared to 3.2 per cent female victims in the same time period.

Male domestic violence victims rise

About one-third of domestic violence victims treated in Australian hospitals are men, according to a 2004 study by Dr Peter Stuart, director of emergency medicine at Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide.

Of 1.326 people who presented at two Adelaide emergency departments over the 80 shifts studied, 8.7 per cent described themselves as victims of domestic violence, with almost 30 per cent being men in all age, employment and cultural groups.

Women have overtaken men as aggressors in relationships says British academic

A study based on an analysis of 34,000 men and women by British researcher John Archer, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire has indicated that women are more violent than men.

Professor Archer, who has been analysing domestic violence studies and victims' reports from the UK and the US since 1972 announced his findings in an interview in November 2000 with Britain's Independent on Sunday newspaper. 

The newspaper said his views would be endorsed in a paper to be published by Dr Malcolm George, a lecturer in neuroscience at London University.

"It's a complex argument, but we do get more women aggressing against male partners then men against female partners", Dr George said. "The view is that women are acting in self-defence, but that is not true - 50 per cent of those who initiate aggression are women". 

Women who kill 

The feminist lie that only men are evil and violent has lead to many distortions in the justice system. When a woman kills a spouse she routinely receives a light sentence. When a man kills his child he is portrayed as an evil monster. When a woman kills her child the judge looks for an excuse for her because he has been brainwashed into believing it is not natural for a woman to commit such an offence.

Judge lets female child killer walk free

On August 4, 2003, Sydney woman Daniela Dawes (pictured) forced her 10-year-old autistic son Jason's mouth closed and pinched his nose until he stopped struggling - and with such force that the marks on his face were clearly visible.

After laying Jason's body on his bed, she phoned work to say she would not be in.

The legal system bent over backwards to accommodate this callous murderer. The public prosecutor accepted a guilty plea on the lesser charge of manslaughter.

In an incredible move when sentencing Dawes for her unspeakable crime in the Parramatta court on June 2, 2004, Judge Roy Ellis said that  she had suffered enough (never mind Jason) and let her walk free on a five-year good behaviour bond.

"I wish you all the best", said Judge Ellis as Dawes walked from the court and into a paid interview with TV host, Ray Martin.

Martin, host of A Current Affair, spoke to radio 2GB in defence of the interviews. "In the real world, people today . . . demand money for their stories. It would be fantastic if we didn't have to spend Mr Packer's money on these things," he said.

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