Wed, June 23, 2004

Mom killer: Cops - KIDS DROWNED IN TUB

A CHICAGO woman was charged yesterday with drowning her two children in a bathtub and setting fire to their home, apparently believing they would be better off dead, authorities said. "She told detectives that she drowned the children because the children would not have a good life with her," Police Commander Dean Andrews said in announcing first-degree murder and arson charges against Abby Grason, 23.


Issac Younan, 2, and Sandra Younan, 4, were found unresponsive in the bathroom Monday by firefighters and pronounced dead at a hospital, authorities said.

Andrews said the mother started the fire by putting two aerosol cans in a microwave, then went to the bathroom and drowned the children while the fire started to burn.

She went to a neighbour's house afterward and asked them to call 911.