Man released on bail after 18 years
Last Updated Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:42:26

TORONTO - A Halifax man who spent nearly two decades in jail trying to clear his name in a murder case was freed on bail on Monday.


Rodney Cain

Rodney Cain was released from a Kingston, Ont., jail.

Cain had been convicted of second-degree murder of a man in a 1986 Toronto after-hours club shooting.

Cain, a 45-year old former drug dealer, has always maintained he acted in self-defence. He spent years calling politicians, lawyers and private investigators trying to track down witnesses to back his claim he wasn't guilty.

Upon his release, Cain said: "It felt like I was drowning and nobody would help. I've written so many different people hoping that they would listen to me. I explained to them all that the witnesses had lied against me. Nobody wanted to believe. But as time went on, everybody started to see some truth."

Last month, Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler ordered a new trial after witnesses came forward with new evidence supporting Cain's self-defence claim.

An Ontario court is expected to decide on July 19 whether to proceed with a new trial, or to simply free Cain altogether.



Written by CBC News Online staff