Police locate missing Quebec girl
Last Updated Sun, 04 Jul 2004 10:21:41

LONGUEUIL, QUE. - Police have found a missing four-year-old girl after issuing an Amber Alert in the community of Longueuil, south of Montreal.

An off-duty provincial police officer in Drummonville, 100 kilometres away, found Mégane Ladouceur at 7:30 a.m. EDT Sunday.


Mégane Ladouceur in an undated photo

The officer had stopped a car carrying the girl, her mother, Sophie Cayer, and maternal grandmother, Huguette Lareau.

Cayer, 30, had self-inflicted wounds to her arm, according to Longueuil police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Cignac. Her injuries were not considered life-threatening, he added.

Police said they resorted to the rarely used warning system late Friday because they feared for the safety of the girl and her mother. The Amber Alert was issued shortly after Cayer left with her daughter.

The child was not harmed, police said.

Cayer and her husband, Eric Ladouceur, have been separated for about a year and are getting a divorce.



Written by CBC News Online staff