Father faces fourth court access order

Jul 6 2004

Darren Devine, The Western Mail


A WELSH member of the controversial campaign group Fathers4Justice is seeking his fourth High Court order tomorrow to secure the right to see children.

The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claims his ex-wife has ignored three orders compelling her to ensure he sees his son and step-daughter.

The 41-year-old man believes his case is typical of the battle facing many divorced fathers and the reason why Fathers4Justice (F4J) is now stepping up its campaign of direct action.

The father, from Cardiff, said, "I've not seen my step-daughter for four-and- a-half years and contact over the last two months with my son has been sabotaged, which is why I'm back in the High Court.

"I've got three current High Court orders and every one of them is being flouted.

"The latest one I got was last Thursday, which was to give me contact last weekend, but that has also been flouted again."

Senior F4J members will meet today at Shropshire's Stretton Hall Hotel, where they planned the recent powder bomb attack on the Prime Minister.

The group is promising direct action against "extraordinary" high profile targets in a dramatic escalation of its tactics.

F4J founder Matt O'Connor, from Swansea, said the group is now halfway through a three-year campaign and his members are planning to cause chaos in the coming months.

"We will surprise and challenge both the public and the police in the coming months with a series of daring campaigns.

"Quite simply, expect the unexpected. Everything is up for discussion and the results could be very chaotic.

"We are halfway through our three-year campaign and the second stage will now see more and more activists being drafted into front-line action in the run up to the Election next May 2005.

"Quite simply we have nothing to lose and everything to play for."

Last month a television transmitter was "knocked out" in the Shropshire area, but F4J deny any involvement in the incident, which they attribute to a "rogue father".