Fathers stage court roof protest 

Wednesday, 7 July, 2004

Worcester Crown Court protest
Police are monitoring the protest

Two men dressed as superheroes have climbed onto the roof of Worcester County Court to campaign about divorced fathers' rights.

The men are members of the pressure group Fathers-4-Justice and began their protest in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

One of the men, dressed as Spiderman, told BBC News Online the protest was "ongoing" and could last days.

He added that more action was planned across the West Midlands.

'Official protest'

Police officers are at the court but West Mercia Police have not yet made an official comment.

Speaking from the rooftop, the man - who would only give his name as Spiderman - said: "We're on the front of the building with a big banner.

"This is an official protest and we have plenty of provisions so we will be here for some considerable time."

Fathers-4-Justice, the group behind the demonstrations, says it is planning an escalation of activity as part of a national campaign of civil disruption, as it tries to make people take notice of the rights of fathers in custody cases.

"Spiderman" said: "We want to see a change in the law so that access to children is split 50/50 at the point of separation or divorce.

"This protest is not just a spur of the moment thing. This was not an easy roof to get on to.

"But we have plenty of water and food and clothes in case bad weather comes and we plan to be here for a while."

He added: "Our protests will be stepped up across the West Midlands over the summer."