Jul 8 2004

By Joan Burnie


TANYA Turner, late of Footballers' Wives, would be proud of Karen Parlour. Mrs Parlour has put the financial boot, and then some, into her former husband.

Whether anyone else should admire Mrs Parlour's success is a different matter. Most of us, after all, marry for love rather than potential lolly.

Karen Parlour says she contributed to her husband's success.

Really. Unless Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, brought her on as the midfielder's substitute, I don't see how.

Karen also alleges that she kept her ex-husband on the straight and narrow and, but for her, he would be on the way to 'ruin and unhappiness'.

It would be entirely different if Mrs Parlour had been a loyal wife of 30 years who sacrificed her career to keep the home fires burning - and then found herself traded in for a younger model.

Women in these circumstances should be adequately compensated for their contribution.

But Karen is only 33 and was with Ray for seven short years. Nor did he leave her destitute.

A couple of houses, 250,000 a year, another quarter of a million as a lump sum and 25,000 for their kids was hardly penury.

Apart from this grubby, and legalised, gold-digging, I don't believe Karen Parlour has done herself any favours.

She may have money in the bank but little pride. The former optician's assistant is to all intents and purposes a kept woman who is still financially beholden to her husband.

It certainly won't help her move on. Mind you what man would want her - other than for her hijacked money?

As for their children, Mrs Parlour's prolonged battle with their father can only have had an adverse affect on them.

Nor should anyone think she has done other women any favours. As the judges said, hers is an exceptional case, but that hasn't stopped groups such as the men's movement from using it as an excuse to damn all women as leeches.

This young woman hasn't only managed to bring divorce into disrepute but the institution of marriage itself.

In collusion with the courts, she has turned it into little more than a meal ticket or matrimonial prostitution.

Finally, I notice Karen thanked her legal team.

As they and Ray Parlour's lawyers both trousered a million, I am sure they'll be only to glad to return the compliment.