'Tories plan to revolutionise Family Law'

Fathers-4-justice UK

From: Matthew O'Connor <matt@fathers-4-justice.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 05:38:37 +0100

Press Release
8th July 2004

The controversial fathers group Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) today learnt that
the Conservative Party are preparing to make substantial proposals this
coming Monday to reform the Family Justice system in the wake of the launch
of the group's Blueprint for Family Law which was published on Fathers Day.

The group says that families have waited for too long for politicians to
take a lead on how to reform a system that daily ruins the lives of hundreds
of children and parents but welcomes the Conservatives' Family Summit.
Said parliamentary co-ordinator Gary Burch "It is high time that a
politician of stature takes on the issue of how Family Courts fail families.
The problem demands a serious and tangible reform agenda. If this is what
Michael Howard provides on Monday this is to be welcomed."
However, the group warned against politicians fudging the issue.
"As the UK's largest, fastest growing equal parenting group we expect
nothing short of a radical reform programme in line with our own proposals."
said Burch. "That means a legal presumption of 50/50 shared parenting, a
complete overhaul of the courts and CAFCASS, a move to open justice and a
Bill of Rights for the Family. It is encouraging that the Tories have
already adopted our proposal for a Secretary of State for the Family, now we
will wait to hear if they are serious about putting the family first in
Britain in the 21st Century."

Fathers 4 Justice say that they welcome recent statements by Justice
Bracewell, Justice Munby, The Townswomen's Guild and the Solicitors Family
Law Association all of which appear to endorse the groups position. F4J say
that if the Conservatives do adopt a similar position to the one advocated
by F4J then the issue will be placed firmly at the top of the political

The group however have made it clear that there ongoing campaign will
continue regardless until such time the law is changed.


Copies of the Blueprint are available from Head Office.