Former jail guard wins lawsuit against RCMP

Last Updated Fri, 09 Jul 2004 7:23:56

ST. JOHN'S - A Newfoundland judge has awarded a former jail guard $520,000 as compensation for harassment he suffered in the course of his work.

Bruce Rees, a former guard at the RCMP detachment in Harbour Grace, says he became depressed and suicidal because he was harassed by Cpl. Ian Fowler, who also worked at the detachment.

Rees sued Fowler, as well as the RCMP, for failing to protect him from the corporal.

The trial, which was supposed to last about 10 days, started in November 2003.

When the trial started, psychiatrist Dr. Martin Hogan testified that Rees was suicidal because of the harrassment and couldn't testify on his own behalf.

Another employee at the detachment, Insp. Linda Martel, said she almost quit the force because of harrassment from Fowler.

An internal RCMP report provided more evidence against Fowler. The report said he was unfit for promotion and caused problems while in charge of the Twillingate RCMP detachment.

Judge Carl Thompson ordered the RCMP to pay Rees $520,000.

The lawyer for Fowler and the force, Bern Coffey, was unavailable for comment.



Written by CBC News Online staff