Standoff mom appeals for public inquiry 
Sunday, July 11, 2004
By Erica Simpson
PLEA FOR JUSTICE: Carline VandenElsen speaks outside Halifax provincial court yesterday. (Photo: PIERRE LEBLANC)
Carline VandenElsen tearfully pleaded to Canadians to call for a public inquiry into the charges against her husband, Larry Fink, and the location of her baby.

Standing on the steps of Halifax provincial court yesterday with a family friend, VandenElsen gave a 10-minute speech peppered with allegations against the Halifax Regional Police and the Children’s Aid Society. She was released from jail on bail two days ago.

VandenElsen and Fink were arrested May 21 after a three-day standoff with police at their Shirley Street home. The event began when Child Protection Services attempted to remove a baby.

The couple are charged with obstruction, unlawful confinement and violating a court order. Fink, who remains behind bars, also faces six weapon-related charges in relation to the standoff.

Visibly shaken, VandenElsen’s voice broke as she expressed concern over her husband and child.

VandenElsen said her husband didn’t fire shots through their front door at the onset of the standoff, but refused to say who pulled the trigger.

She showed several photographs of her husband and child.

“I want my husband back, and I want my baby back — please,” she said.

VandenElsen handed out a sheet of paper listing her allegations, including an illegal Canada Wide Apprehension Alert and the fabrication of her baby’s birth.

She also alleges police attacked her with a Taser.

“Larry’s downfall is his passion to end what he refers to as the criminal abuse of children by family law lawyers,” she said.

VandenElsen left after imploring journalists to look into the supposed wrongdoings of those in the justice system.

She will reappear in court on July 26 for a preliminary inquiry.