Vets 'should help fight child abuse'


VETS and animal protection officers should be recruited in the fight against child abuse, new research has suggested.

Central Queensland University researcher and sociologist Dr Nicola Taylor has been examining the links between child abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse.

Dr Taylor said in a paper published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies child abuse often occurred in a web of violence, including abuse of animals.

"If the links between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse are recognised, work can be done towards the development of a collaborative framework where animal protection officers, including veterinarians, report suspicions of child abuse," Dr Taylor said.

There could also be an opportunity for child protection workers to report suspicions of animal abuse, she said.,5478,10137598%255E1702,00.html



Note: If you former partner male or female abused a pet or attempted to harm a pet the above article could be antidotal evidence.