Wed, July 14, 2004

Mom: I'll sue Peel CAS over pervert

A SCARBOROUGH woman whose son was sexually abused by pedophile killer Douglas Moore while in foster care says she will add her own multi-million-dollar lawsuit to the $8.3-million suit filed by her estranged husband. Speaking out for the first time yesterday in an interview with the Toronto Sun, the 42-year-old woman said she cannot believe that, while she was forced to jump through hoops and take three-hour Saturday bus trips for supervised visits with her son at a Brampton school, Moore was given a free hand to abuse her child.

"This is a nightmare that no parent would wish on their worst enemy ... how can this happen?" the woman said.

"My son is manifesting such anger ... he lost his innocence to this monster, this hairy freak whom the judicial system put out there without a care in the world," she said.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Moore, 36, committed suicide in Maplehurst jail on April 2 after he was charged with sex assaults on three other Children's Aid Society kids at the same Caledon foster home.

He subsequently became the presumed killer of Joe Manchisi, 20, and Robert Grewal, 22, and 15-year-old schoolboy Rene Charlebois.

Manchisi and Grewal disappeared in November. Their decapitated bodies were later recovered near Montreal. Charlebois' body was found in an Orangeville landfill site in March.

The woman says her lawyer will prepare a lawsuit along the same lines as the one her son's father has filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The father's suit alleges that the boy was "repeatedly" sexually abused by Moore between November, 2001, and August, 2003, at the home of foster parents in Peel region.

The suit claims that Moore, who was a friend of the CAS foster family, was "invited" to the home and was allowed to play with the foster children and babysit them alone for "extensive periods of time."

Peel Children's Aid Society spokesman Lucy Baistrocchi said yesterday the lawsuit papers have not been received by her agency.

The boy and his younger brother, who also stayed at the same CAS home but apparently was not sexually abused, are now living at their father's Brampton home.

The woman, who acknowledges that parental turmoil led to the CAS seizing her kids in October, 2001, says she can still only see her son during supervised weekend visits.