The Father's prayer

We are here today in the name of the father

In the name of truth

In the name of justice,

In the name of our children

In the name of loveŠ

And we would like to ask you, using the first words of the Baptism,

In the name of the father what religion would

1) Allow 100 kids every day

2) Put profits (£25 million) in front of principles by using a marketing
push for more church weddings

3) Provide NO help to children desperate to see their fathers

4) Fail to defend and protect the sacred bond

5) Conspire to deny dads access to the Baptism of their children

6) Fail Fathers, fail families and fail children

7) Immoral, an outrage ­ what faith can we have in a church that stands by
and allows the breaking of that sacred bond?

8) This is our Baptism ­ a Baptism of Fire, A Baptism of Pain, A Baptism of

9) We are disciples of truth and justice and we will NOT stand by and watch
this happen

What has the church and the Synod done? In 1991 the Synod said that it was
concerned about the rate of family breakdown and the effect on a large
proportion of the countryıs children ­ so where are you?

Where is the church when it is needed most?

You have been found wanting. You have neglected this nationıs children. You
have failed families yet still promote church marriages to line your own
pockets safe in the knowledge that when those marriages collapse you will
abandon any responsibility to that family.


We ask today forgive us for disrupting this service, we pray that the church
now helps fight this injustice and heal the pain, heal the suffering, heal
the anguish of children and fathers alike

Deliver us from the evil of the Family Law injustice.

Thank you.