Kangaroo escapes in Germany

AN escaped kangaroo has been on the hop in Germany's Bavaria region for weeks and is still managing to elude capture.

The kangaroo named Heidi broke out of her enclosure near the town of Eggenfelden, east of Munich, three weeks ago where she left behind a love-sick male kangaroo called Hermann the German.

Local police and residents have been fervently searching for the kangaroo in the hope they can return her to Hermann, who has refused to eat properly since his companion escaped.

"I have no idea how Heidi got over the fence, as it's over five feet high," her owner said, adding that Hermann had seemed depressed and off his food since Heidi's escape.

"He's noticeably very sad.

"The sooner Heidi is back, the better."

In the weeks since the kangaroo broke free, dozens of Heidi sightings have been reported to police, with people spotting her hopping through their fields and gardens and over fences.

Most recently, a woman claimed she saw Heidi leaping into a nearby forest but a subsequent search party was unable to track her down.

"Heidi is full of life and keeps hopping around the area," a police spokesman said.

Police say as soon as officials find the kangaroo, she will be shot with a tranquilliser and returned to her owner.



Note: A love sick kangaroo makes headlines while hundreds of thousands of  children alienated from their fathers barely rates a mention.