Girl missing 3 years found in B.C.

VANCOUVER - An young girl who was abducted more than three years ago was reunited with her American grandmother in Vancouver on Saturday.



Sierrah Findeison, now four, was taken from Katherine Garoznik's home in Pennsylvania in in 2001.

Garoznik had custody of Sierrah because her parents were addicted to heroin.

Police arrested the parents in British Columbia this week.

Darrell Wilson, an investigator with the Missing Children Society of Canada, found the child with the help of Vancouver police.

Canada has "the best missing children's society in the world," Garoznik said.

Missing Children Society of Canada

She expects to return to Pennsylvania with Sierrah.

Garoznik says she doesn't think her granddaughter knows yet what has happened.

And she's is not in any rush to explain it.

"Yeah, I think it will be an issue but I think with a lot of love and counselling and a lot of family around to love her ...and don't forget you know, I am a mother."

The parents are wanted by U.S. authorities for kidnapping. They have applied for refugee status.