'Batman' crane protest continues

Tuesday, 3 August, 2004

'Batman' protests on top of the crane. Picture courtesy of Chris Young
The protester has been on the crane since 0700 BST
A father who has scaled a 130ft crane dressed in a Batman outfit at the site of a new family court has started his second day of protest.

Work on the site, at the junction of Tithebarn Street and Moorfields in Liverpool, has been suspended until the protest ends.

The supporters of the Fathers 4 Justice protester say the Ormskirk man has a week's worth of supplies.

Fathers 4 Justice says the action is part of a nationwide protest.

Fathers 4 Justice was set up by fathers who have either no access, or very limited access to their children, and feel they have been treated unfairly by courts.

Crane operator Dave Moyratts said the protester had been there since 0700 BST on Monday.

He said: "Supposedly he's going to be there all week.

"Apparently he has enough provisions to last him that long, so it could put the job back by a week."

Keith Harford, from Fathers 4 Justice, said it was appropriate the protest was taking place on the site of a family court.

"What we want to do is quite simply say there is enough injustice in the family court system, and this building should not be completed until justice is made more equal," he said.

Newsnight's Richard Watson
was given access to Fathers 4 Justice's nerve centre as they planned for the demonstration.