Dear Editor,

On behalf of the tens of thousands of fathers who become victims each year of the appalling anti-male bias of our courts, from the bottom of my heart I thank you and Christie Blatchford for bringing this travesty of justice of the Orangeville custody case to the attention of the public.

In 1997 our son became involved in a very similar bitter divorce initiated by his ex-wife, who was advised to falsely allege abuse and check herself into an abuse centre in order to achieve a hassle-free custody case.  Ever since then,  this gentle man has been through hell in an attempt to see his children, three young boys who adore him.  In his case as in almost all cases,  it is the children who suffer the most and bear the scars for a lifetime. Perjury is a crime.  Lawyers who advise their clients to commit perjury should be charged as criminals just as should the women be who do so.

Because I became aware of the perjury that customarily goes unnoticed when perpetrated by females, and the serious anti-male bias of the courts and was appalled by the injustice of it, I have spent the intervening years researching how this can happen in a "just" society.  What I have discovered makes me ashamed to be Canadian.

It is unthinkable in a civilized society that the outrageously petty offenses that have been used by this Orangeville woman are now being allowed to be used to even consider invoking an 810 order against the father.

For too many years the press has been silent about this cancer in our society.  I applaud  the Globe and Mail and Christie Blatchford for courageously going against the tide and exposing this situation.


Rosemary Underwood

5 Onyx Lane

Stouffville, ON

L4A 1K6