Fri, August 6, 2004

Hubby told kin of killing


MARK HACKING confessed to two older brothers that he killed his wife as she slept and then put the body in a trash bin, their father said yesterday. Hacking, confronted with evidence he had something to do with Lori's disappearance, made the confession when his brothers Scott and Lance visited him at a Salt Lake City psychiatric ward on July 24, Douglas Hacking said.

"He decided the time was right -- he had better let authorities know what happened," his dad said.

The details of the confession were disclosed yesterday in an interview with Scott Hacking in The Salt Lake Tribune.

Scott Hacking, 33, told the paper that after Mark confessed, "My brother and I sat and hugged him for about an hour, and then we went home." The information was relayed to police on July 25.

"I've never seen him (Scott) hurting so much as that night, struggling with having to make that decision," their dad said.

He said he believed Mark Hacking, 28, had a psychological breakdown because his wife learned of his lie about having been accepted to med school. Both Scott and Douglas are physicians, and the dad has said Mark probably felt pressure by their achievements.