Squashed toe nets her $25Gs

Fri, August 13, 2004

TORONTO doughnut shop has to pay through the nose for a woman's discoloured big toenail, a judge has ruled. Coffee Time Donuts Inc. and Danforth Ave. franchise owner Iqbal Idris must give $25,000 to the woman, whose toe was hurt when a door became "unhinged" and slammed shut on it.

Maria Teresa Sorrento, 34, was hurt in May 2001. She lost the nail and the new one grew in permanently discoloured, Justice Keith Hoilett said in a ruling released this week.

Sorrento still suffers pain in her toe, the ruling said. And a doctor's report said she shouldn't wear "certain styles of tight-toed shoes," Hoilett said.

Sorrento is "a relatively young woman whose choice of footwear will be limited," Hoilett wrote in his judgment.