Equal Parenting

Divorce Magazine

August 15, 2004

I don't think I've seen so much father bashing in a long time.

In some jurisdictions, equal parenting is mandatory and generally everyone is better off for that legal presumption.

Children are not property, they are not pets, Children have rights to have an equal relationship with both parents.

Generally its vindictive mothers who "refuse to communicate" to justify "sole custody" and to turn dad into a visitor in the child's life.

Children are only children for a very short time, if you are too immature to recognize that a child's best interests come before your own selfish vindicitive revengeful reasons then you don't deserve sole custody and are effectively a nasty form of child abuser called a parental alienator.

Children grow up and if one parent has robbed them of an equal relationship with their non custodial parent, male or female they become very angry and bitter.

Children who grow up without equal parenting are more prone to ending up in jail and to repeat the abuse they learned from their parents.

Generally most "parential alienators" that is generally mothers who can't let go, or can't stop treating a child as property give no thought to the long term harm that occurs to children and how that pattern of programing will probably be repeated in future generations.

If you don't like equal parenting, odds are you are extremely selfish, immature and lack the ability to put your child's best interests above your own.

Equal Parenting shows you care more about your child than your own interests.

Generally, sole custody is also sought for financial reasons. If mothers have sole custody they get support that they would not otherwise get.

If fathers have sole custody odds are they don't receive a dime in child support which really shows which gender has the greatest percentage of deadbeat parents.

Equal parenting encourages both parents to move on with their lives and enables them to do that financially. Sole custody is probably one the prime causes that prevents men from remarrying.

Long term, that means an every declining birth rate which will if it continues bankrupt societies so in the long run, society will have no other option than to bring about a presumption of equal parenting upon separation and the sooner it happens the more productive and less deliquent our society will become.



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