RE: "Fill the Hill" on Kid's Day, June 4, 2005
(NOT!) by  Mark G. Hansel

F4J  issues.

Anyone who thinks these Canadian Liberal Government terrorists, "are going to do anything for fathers are out of their minds."

 They (Liberal terrorists) are thieves, and liars of the worst sort, and
will use there pet freaks to stop any progress and gains made by fathers. These Liberals are not interested in laws, that are fair for all.

 As it is, they the Liberal terrorist don't even use the rule of law any more, and just make stuff up as they go, to suit their personal Liberal  agenda. Paul Martin is a disgrace to Canada and should be tossed out on his pointed corrupt head.... These Liberal terrorists can never be trusted to do > anything for the sake of the Children, other then lining their own pockets  and jailing and criminating you the male gender.

 Don't forget.... it was these same Liberal terrorists who funded of the Status of Women and Laval University to put out hit lists on you fathers rights groups and have you all sent to jail for speaking out, (don't think for one minute this is not going to happen) these Liberal terrorists must be removed for the sake of your children to have a normal life..
 And any of you Liberal supporters don't like what I said, too bloody bad, children come first before your corrupt Liberals do.

 Mark G. Hansel