Fury at marriage age gap


Stacey ... 'a strange feeling'
Stacey ... 'a strange feeling'


A GIRL of 17 has horrified her parents after revealing she is going to marry a 64-year-old next week.

And pretty Stacey Furneaux also told her shocked family she wants BABIES with ageing romeo Brian Williams.

Stacey — who quit college to be Brian’s carer as he is registered disabled and walks with a stick — says she does not care about the age gap.

But yesterday her parents David and Joanne said they were “utterly disgusted” and will snub the register office wedding on September 10.

Joanne, 33, said: “He’s older than my own dad, for God’s sake! I keep thinking, ‘How the hell can she go to bed with him?’

“But there’s nothing we can do to stop this wedding.

“We’ve tried reasoning, we’ve tried arguing — but she is adamant she loves him.”

And David, 32, told how twice-divorced Brian broke the news over a pint at the local pub.

Brian ... massage and kiss
Brian ... massage and kiss

He said: “I didn’t know what to say. My first idea was to kill him. He’s virtually a pensioner and she is barely out of school.

“She’s moved in with him and he’s even told me he’s having a vasectomy reversed.”

The romance started after Stacey became friends with Brian’s daughter Tara, 18.

While visiting their house — 50 yards from her parents’ home in Llay, Wrexham, North Wales — Stacey realised she was falling for her pal’s dad.

Furious ... Stacey's parents
Furious ... Stacey's parents

She said: “I had boyfriends my own age but I am with Brian now. We got to know each other. Something happened. It’s a strange feeling.

"We go for walks, we go fishing, we go shopping together and we are always in the kitchen together.

“But there are some things we disagree on — I’m into pop, all the top music, and he likes his ballads.”

Brian said: “We sat here one night and her shoulders hurt. I said, ‘Come sit here’ and started massaging her.

“Then she leaned back and looked up at me and I leaned over and kissed her. I apologised and thought, ‘This isn’t right.’ But she didn’t mind and we clicked. I hope it lasts — I think it will.”