BenDedek Upsets Canadians at Magic City
By R.P. BenDedek
Sep 6, 2004, 06:32


On Sunday I published an article on this site entitled 'Hatred For No Good Reason, Mr.Heath?'

I woke up this morning to view an email from a webmaster, for having incorrectly quoted his website. Well of course I was immediately concerned and told him I would fix it. Then I went to the Magic City article, hit the links provided and discovered that they were referenced correctly. I sent off another email and said, Sorry buddy, not my problem! (actually I was more polite).

After I had had some coffee and my morning cigarette (cough, cough, cough) I had breakfast, washed the dishes, and came back to the computer to see what this guy was on about. I decided to check out the 'correct' website address, and there in my email box was another email from him.

It seems there are quite a number of Canadians who read Magic City Morning Star News, and many of them also like to read the following site: FATHERS 4 JUSTICE CANADA They immediately complained to their webmaster, that I was misrepresenting them. But as it turns out, there are two websites with almost the exact same Web Address. (Had the same problem when I bought my last car. Every time I emailed to arrange for a car service, I kept getting replies from a newspaper in Israel - True!)

The similar address, THE ONE I QUOTED IN MY ARTICLE is FATHERS CANADA 4 JUSTICE Well you can't blame anyone for getting a little confused.

FATHERS 4 JUSTICE CANADA is an organisation that started in the UK, and its focus is reforming the legal system for the sake of children of divorce. Here is some of their material:

Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) is a new civil rights movement campaigning for a child's right to be raised by both parents and to have meaningful and unhindered access to their grandparents and extended family.

While the definition of family has changed over the years, the bond that exists between parents, grandparents and their children is woven into our social fabric. F4J believes that children, their parents and grandparents have inalienable rights to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with each other.


Canada is a nation where non-custodial parents are enrolled in maintenance enforcement programs while at the same time, custodial parents can disregard court ordered access on whim. Canada is a nation where emphasis has been placed on the financial needs of children of divorce but where the rights of those children to benefit from equal access to BOTH parents and extended family are ignored. Canada is a nation whose family courts consistently discriminate against both genders because of antiquated beliefs about the roles of mothers and fathers following separation and divorce. Our culture demands equal parenting when parents are married, yet we fail to make the same demand of parents when divorce happens or a relationship ends.


71, 144 couples divorced in 2000. (Statistics Canada)

There are 1,137,510 single parent family homes in Canada. (Statscan 1996 Census)

There are 192, 275 single fathers homes in Canada. (Statscan 1996 Census)

As of March 31, 2003, there were nearly 370,000 cases enrolled in a maintenance enforcement program in the six reporting provinces. (Statscan)

In over 95% of MEP cases in Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, a man was paying support to a female recipient. (Statscan)

During 1999/2000, both Prince Edward Island and British Columbia collected 70% of the money that was due in the form of regular monthly payments. For Saskatchewan, the figure was 80%. (Statscan)

Custody of dependents, the vast majority of whom are children aged 18 and under, was granted through proceedings in one out of every three divorces in both 1999 and 2000. (Statscan)

Custody was awarded to the husband for only 9.1% of dependents in 2000, down from a high of 15% in 1986. (Statscan)

In contrast, custody of 37.2% of dependents was awarded to the husband and wife jointly in 2000, of which, the wife was awarded primary care.(Statscan)

Teenagers whose parents divorced are likely to have their own marital problems later in life. (Statscan)

Children from divorced families are more likely to: suffer from depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders; exhibit behavioral problems including hyperactivity, aggressiveness, fighting, and hostility; become young offenders; do less well in school and stay less long in school; Become divorced as adults. (Furstenberg and Kiernan, 2001; Le Blanc, McDuff, and Tremblay, 1995 Sun and Li, 2002)

Moms may spend much more time than dads with their young children - but by time the children are in their early teens, dads devote just as much time to them as mothers. (Statscan)

Fathers spend 2.1 hours less/day with children under the age of five that mothers, but much of the difference between parents with younger children is related to the fact that fathers put in longer hours of paid work. Mothers report fewer average hours of paid work than fathers when their children are young. (Statscan)

242,800 grandparents live in multi-generation households, that is, with their adult child, his or her spouse, and the grandchildren.(Statscan)

in 2001 there were 5.7 million grandparents in Canada. Each grandparent had on average 4.7 grandchildren. (Statscan)


The first thing you see when you access their site is : WARNING! This Web Site is politically Incorrect - Political Commentary Website - Government Family Court Laws and Legislation, Harm your children lives - The State of so-called "Family Law" in Canada, the US and most nations of the world is such that families are being denied justice. Not only is justice denied for fathers but justice denied for children. - Children Subjected to injustice by the very government Partys and institutions that are supposed to protect people's rights. Listen to the songs and lift your voice in support of Family Justice. - End Male Slavery.

Further down it says:

Fathers Canada is a activist Web site in opposition to the Radical man hating verity of socialism and Feminism and this website came about to help people, to have a better life and to improve society as a whole, as Fathers Canada is only a voice in favor of "defending liberal western democracy." Anyone who objects to the style of the material on this website should be aware, everything here is of the same style that I have found on feminist resources and websites. The Whole point is to hold up a mirror. As my Freedom and Rights and my Children's Freedom of Rights are not for sale at any price.

So there you have it.  Both organisations seek to reform the legal system, but the site I quoted provided material relating to abuses by the legal system of Parents (Single Fathers usually, but also Couples, for example : I remember there was a story in which a mother told someone she believed in spanking and immediately she and her husband were put under investigation and their children taken away to foster care).

I'm sorry if anyone got offended, but it really wasn't my fault. There is nothing to be done about the matter. But on the question of no fault divorce, there is a lot to be done, and we as a community should be standing up for our freedoms from oppression by bureaucracies and 'hate inspired' (read feminazi) activist groups, that want ultimately to tear apart the fabric of society.

Recently in Australia (because it was father's day), a politician was publicly encouraging fathers to become good role models for their kids. The following is my 'feedback comment' to the newspaper article.

" Very Nice idea sir, but what a joke! After years of 'male victimisation' by the feminazis, after years of teaching kids that 'they have their rights' and their parents have none, after years of robbing parents of authority, after years of encouraging kids to pack up and leave home when they are 16 years old, after years of victimising divorced men in the courts, painting (men) police as abusers and criminals, in short, after doing everything to destroy the nuclear family, Now you encourage men (?) to become role models.

Society in general (half of which are 'false guilt' laden men) see men as responsible for every societal evil; male teachers can't be trusted, male police officers are storm troopers, men are chauvinistic, sexist, lecherous, deviates, perpetrators of domestic violence and rape, child abusers, paedophiles, and don't even rate in the child nurturing stakes; men are uncaring, unemotional, or soppy sooks if they cry.

How do you reverse decades of indoctrination that says, 'Men are evil!'

In Canada they have even instituted laws to prevent men from criticising 'women', specifically feminist groups. Courts don't give a damn about fathers or grandparents, and any accusation made against a husband or father or male teacher, or policeman, no matter how false, or how lacking in evidence, is automatically true.

How do you return society to the 'truth?' One way perhaps would be to highlight the amount of female violence and abuse that occurs, something evidenced in the last few weeks in this newspaper, by the number of incidences involving women.

Perhaps we should demand that women's groups start dealing with the truth. Some humans are worthless, most are not,whether they be women or men.

Perhaps we should provide statistics when we talk about crimes committed by 'people'. Perhaps if people put crime and abuse into a realistic percentage, men in general would not have the image that they have.

Let's face it, the only people not covered by anti vilification legislation, is the white Australian male."

I was luckier than most in my divorce, but I can truly understand why 'fathers and young boys' commit suicide; I can understand why father's choose to disappear rather than face the pain of losing their children.

Both Mr. Heath and Mr. Chapin, in their articles (referred to in my article Yesterday), encourage people to get off the sidelines and stand up for 'their' rights in the face of politically inspired minority rights aggression, and this applies to the issue of father's separated from their children.

Children have a right to their father, grandparents, cousins and other members of their extended families. Fathers have a right to their kids, as to grandparents. Most divorces are instituted by women who automatically (in Australia at least) can immediately receive welfare, irrespective of divorce settlements. Children should not be treated as 'property to be divided'. They are not expendable commodities in a war of emotions.

Being in China means I miss seeing this little nipper, but what if I NEVER got to see him? Well, actually I have a granddaughter I've only seen twice.
Help fathers fight injustice before your brother, son, cousin, or uncle becomes a statistic, and those wonderful kids you loved are also lost to you forever.



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