Hatred for No Good Reason, Mr. Heath?
By R.P. BenDedek
Sep 5, 2004, 08:00

I draw your attention to recent articles by Michael Heath (Sept 3rd 2004 - “From the No Spin Zone” and “Homosexual Group Wants Board to Fire Me”. Mr. Heath is 'one of THEM!' - A CHRISTIAN!!!

He objects to having a 'gay culture' forced upon him and his family. He writes: “I have three sons who are Americans ... I am fighting for the America that they will inherit from me. And I am not going to pull any punches”. In other words, he cares about the traditional American culture and societal behaviour. How Passй, Mr. Heath! If you should be accused of something, it is that you are outdated! You are not with it!

Another person who writes against the 'gay' agenda is Mr. Bernard Chapin - On Heterophobia. His complaint is that he believes that heterosexuals are accused of suffering “some kind of psychological malady due to our refusal to celebrate them (homosexuals) to the full extent they desire”.

They both claim that they are hated. Mr. Heath wrote:“I can't help feeling that some powerful forces in Maine are also "hating me for no good reason”.

They hate you for 'no good reason'? Come off it, Mr. Heath! You are wrong, wrong, wrong! They hate you for a very good reason. You are a threat to all 'Americans' who want to amass POWER - AND CONTROL the masses. They hate you because you refuse to drop your pants and be subservient to their objectives.

Like so many politically active groups, they crave just one thing: POWER.

As Bernard CHAPIN put it: “It has been my personal experience that merely disagreeing with some of the more vehement gay activists results in one quickly being grouped into an axis of hate ... To deter questioning, activists accuse inquisitive straights of being monsters. Jamming is a mechanism for disabling free inquiry and thereby closing the marketplace of ideas ...”

Mr Heath said: “I think we all need to grow a backbone and start talking about what is really going on here” and Mr Chapin agrees: “The biggest problem with this topic and many others is that there are too many bystanders in the culture war”.

Of course Mr. Chapin, unlike Mr. Heath is not a Christian (well he doesn't say he is anyway). His agenda concerns political correctness which says that to laugh at a group of men wearing outrageous costumes at a gay parade, whilst blowing kisses to the crowd, is offensive. Mr Chapin just finds it hilarious. But to actually laugh at them or make comment about them is to incur the wrath of the 'gay lobby'. Such is the state of 'Freedom of expression' in the world.

I agree with Mr. Chapin. We have to stand up to 'political correctness'. The term is a synonym for 'Let's lie through our teeth'. I agree with Mr. Heath. We must protect our traditional culture and values. I agree with both when they say that we must stand up, get involved, and fight for our freedom.

This does not mean that I am anti-gay, because I am not. The letters in the New Testament which Mr. Heath quotes were written to Christians, not unbelievers. Whatever messages it contains about homosexuality, are directed to believers, not to those who are not 'saved'. The Christian message is that if you don't believe in Jesus, then you will go to hell whether you are good or bad, heterosexual or homosexual. God is an equal opportunity judge!

If you don't believe in Jesus, then you can do whatever society permits you to do. America, and Australia for that matter, are 'free' countries. Live! Enjoy yourselves! Don't break the law! Don't catch AIDS! Show respect for peoples 'personal space and choices' (or genetic predispositions!)

What is at stake here, is not Christianity or heterosexuality, it is culture. It is a culture war.

Recently I wrote an article entitled 'Leap of Faith', in which I made two particular comments: (.....For some people)......” it becomes necessary to support something corrupt within an ideology, for fear that the ideology and its effect will be utterly destroyed without that 'total' support ... It is one thing to overcome one's doubts with 'Faith'; it is another to 'choose and follow a demonstrably false doctrine', in order to give legitimacy to one's genuine and legitimate 'faith'....” (This also applies to gay activism).

I was discussing the feminist agenda on violence, which utterly denies the scientific truth that the gender percentage of abusers in violent domestic relationships are approximately equal. This truth detracts from the feminist agenda, and so must be denied. Truth, I observe, is often denied to suit the personal agendas of individuals and their organisations. Check out Fathers Canada 4 Justice www.fathers.ca/ Status of Women Lies. www.fathers.ca/status_of_women_lies.htm

The truth of the gay movement, is that they, like everyone else, have a right to their sexuality. No one should have to walk the streets in fear of being bashed 'for any reason'. No one should be discriminated against just because he is different. Neither the Homosexual nor the Lesbian, nor the Christian, Muslim or Jew, nor the young nor the old, should live in fear of being preyed upon by malicious sections of the community.

What is not true however, is that we should bury our heads in the sands and accept 'lies' just because it supports some political agenda. If someone feels that they are or want to be gay, then they should be allowed to follow that course. If someone feels that they are or want to be straight, then they should be allowed to follow that course. It is not right for us to suppress those with whom we disagree. And likewise, it is wrong for the 'gay' movement to try to turn impressionable young minds, so as to convince them that they should adopt a lifestyle which many gays themselves openly admit, is not one that they would willingly have chosen. The gay lie, is that the gay lifestyle is wonderful. For most, it is lonely.

Likewise it is not true that men are monsters and women are saints. Since publishing my article 'Leap of Faith', there are been two more accounts of female violence in my local newspaper.

We should face the truth! For the gay, the feminist, and so many other 'activist' groups, the truth is that by destroying 'religion' and 'traditional culture', we are opening up the west to 'power vacuums'. Your agenda is power! But religious fundamentalism is on the crest of a wave at this point in history, and while you activists may not like the 'Christian' agenda, if you are not careful, it will be replaced by the 'Islamic' agenda, and as all Muslims readily acknowledge, while they find your liberal and libertine values unacceptable, the last thing they want is to be controlled by an Islamic Political entity.

The activists should begin to understand the cultural shifts in the world, and begin to realise just how vulnerable America is, and just how vulnerable western culture is. Sorry to say this, but Americans are like the Chinese. They are so nationalistic that they fail to see how they are perceived in the world, and as I live in China, I can offer you this snippet of politico-cultural advice. Most Chinese YOUNG people are waiting for the day when China will be strong enough to conquer the USA. If that happens, you will be only slightly better off than under Islamic control.

Destroy the traditional American culture, and you will lose the 'freedoms' that you will gain by your aggressive activism!

R.P.BenDedek is the pseudonym of the author of 'The King's Calendar:The Secret of Qumran' at www.kingscalendar.com/kc_free_files_no_frames/TOC.html , and is currently writing a series of photographic articles for Magic City Morning Star News. 

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