With this ring I thee wed

September 13, 2004


A US marine working in Iraq exchanged his wedding vows at the weekend - over the phone.


Lt. Thomas Cogan IV, 23, tied the knot with bride Theresa Arnold at the San Diego County clerk's office, in the US.

The ceremony is believed to be California's first marriage-by-proxy since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger changed the law on Friday to allow servicemen in the field to wed in this manner.

Smiling 23-year-old Theresa - who is pregnant with a baby girl and due any day - wore a pink flowered dress for the wedding on Saturday.

A family friend stood in for Cogan, whose parents and two sisters travelled from Philadelphia to attend.

Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith - who officiated the wedding - said: "It is fitting that this marriage is between Tommy and Theresa, two individuals whose love transcends a war and changed the course of California history.

"It's going to help plenty of people, plenty of other military families."