Copper is a ratman
Fury ... Ingrid and kids with Sun
Fury ... Ingrid and kids with Sun
Thursday, September 16, 2004


THE cop who talked down the Batman protester at Buckingham Palace was branded a "rat of a dad" yesterday - by his kids.


The daughter of father- of-two Roy McKinley claimed he abandoned his family six years ago.

Angela, 21, saw her dad for the FIRST time since 1997 when he appeared on the royal balcony on TV.

She said: "You couldn't have had a more unsuitable man in that position.

"There was a man protesting at the way the system had treated him - and next to him was a man who couldn't give a monkey's about his own children."

McKinley, 41, was sent to persuade masked demonstrator Jason Hatch, 33, to give up his 25ft high perch on a ledge next to the balcony at the Palace on Monday.

Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Hatch was carrying out the latest in a series of stunts in a bid to win better access to his children.

Cop this ... Batman and McKinley
Cop this ... Batman and McKinley

McKinley, who was carrying a walkie-talkie and dressed in a blazer and tie, split from his first wife Ingrid 17 years ago. He has not seen Angela or his 19-year-old son Stewart for six-and-a-half years.

Angela, who has graduated from Essex University with a psychology degree, said: "The truth is that he has simply not been a dad to us.

"He would come to see us at our home in Nottingham once a fortnight, but over time it became once a month and then less - and he never knew what to do with us. He would take us to the park, do some window-shopping and go to McDonald's or tell us about his work in the Royal Protection Service.

"The last time I ever saw him was Christmas '97.

"He said he wouldn't be able to see me until February. I told him if he was going to wait that long he shouldn't bother. He said that was fine. If Jason Hatch was our father we would be proud he wanted to fight for us."

Angela's brother Stewart said: "He gave us money, took us places and gave us presents - basically, he spent his time trying to buy us."

McKinley wed his present wife Henrietta two years ago.