Emotional testimony at hospital shooting inquest
September 28, 2004 - 11:32 am
By: Jim Goddard

The inquest into the double-fatal shooting at Mission Memorial Hospital last year heard some emotional testimony this morning, from one of the victims.  Tears flowed from the victim's families as the inquest heard a taped interview Sherry Heron had with police.  At first, she can be heard calmly telling the interviewer about how her husband, Bryan Heron, had choked her, and had frequently threatened to hurt her and her family if she left him.  Sherry told the officer about a time Bryan grabbed the wheel of her car and forced them off the road into a pole after she had threatened to leave him.  Sherry becomes emotional towards the end of the interview, sobbing: I don't want him to come near us.  Those were her last recorded words.  A week later, Bryan Heron shot Sherry and her mother to death at the hospital.  He killed himself three days later as police were closing in.