Lawyer testifies at hospital shooting inquest
September 28, 2004 - 3:50 pm
By: Jim Goddard

It's hard to protect yourself when the police refuse to help.  That's what a lawyer told the inquest into the deaths of two women at Mission Memorial hospital in May of last year.  Paramjit Virk testified that Sherry Heron was visibly terrified when she asked him to draw-up a restraining order against her husband Bryan.  But he says the judge was reluctant to grant the order because as he put it at the time, there was no blood and guts, just a complaint about verbal and emotional abuse.  Virk also explained that after Mounties refused to get a peace bond as promised, that only left a civil restraining order to protect Sherry.  A peace bond allows police to seize weapons but a restraining order does not.  It appears the difference between the two was life and death in this case.  Just after receiving the restraining order, Bryan Heron shot his wife Sherry and her mother, Anna Adams, at Mission Memorial.  He killed himself a few days later as police were closing in on him.