Holy goal! Catwoman pounces

Sep 30 2004

By Kevin Donald, The Journal


A leather-suited Catwoman brought a football match to a halt when she chained herself to a goalpost and claimed "Only Batman can save me."

Nija Levis, 36, amazed fans at Hartlepool United's Victoria Park when she danced past police to protest in support of Fathers for Justice.

The mother-of-one, who works as an aromatherapist, handcuffed herself to a stanchion.

"I was in Hartlepool for the election and just happened to have my catsuit with me," Mrs Levis, the `Purple Hearts' coordinator for Fathers for Justice, said.

"I hid in the crowd in a big coat, with the eyemask around my neck, then threw off the coat and dashed on to the pitch at half time.

"Then I did a bit of a pole dance and locked myself to the goalposts. I shouted that Batman, who was in the crowd, had the key, and only he could rescue me, but the policemen had a skeleton key and they opened the cuffs.

"They gave me a warning and said I'd be arrested if I did it again."

Mrs Levis, of Northwold, Norfolk, said: "The Purple Hearts is the part of Fathers for Justice which supports the wider family too."

Hartlepool were playing Hull in the LDV Vans Trophy first round and the players were trooping from the pitch when Mrs Levis struck.

One fan, Paul Kingston, 24, of Darlington, said: "She'd been dancing with H'Angus, the mascot, earlier on and there was plenty of wolf whistling. The police were just laughing until she handcuffed herself to the Town End goalposts."

Stewards and police freed the protestor before the second half.

Not to be outdone, male campaigners placed police officers under lock and key.

The police were called to arrest Buckingham Palace Batman Jason Hatch, 32, who had climbed up the mast of the Trincomalee, a tall ship docked in the centre of Hartlepool.

He and accomplice David Pyke, 48, dressed as Robin, unfurled a banner in the rigging. Police arrived and arrested the duo - and then found their exit route blocked.

Other members of the group chained and padlocked the gate and the stranded officers had to call for reinforcements.

Three more Fathers 4 Justice campaigners were arrested as scuffles broke out with police.

Hatch is on bail following his palace protest earlier this month.